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The Spotlight Drama Club’s adaptation of ‘Almost, Maine’ took center-stage this past weekend at the Black Box Theatre, as the student-run production was the final product of a three-month process.

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Spotlight Drama Club hosted two entirely student-run performances of John Cariani’s Almost, Maine on Friday, February 28th and Saturday, February 29th in the Endicott College’s Visual Performing Arts Center. 

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On Wednesday, February 12th, Endicott College’s Writing & Tutoring Center hosted its first “Big Voices” event in the Hale Library’s Little Theater. Scheduled to be held on the second Wednesday of each month, Big Voices offers a stage for anyone interested in sharing spoken/auditory art o…

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I covered my first story before I was eight. Though I use “story” loosely here because it was really me sitting at my dad’s computer on Microsoft Word writing a recap about a commercial building fire he and I went to the night before in Milford, Delaware sometime circa 2005. He did really co…

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How many people does it take to change someone’s life? The answer could be one. Or twenty. Or four-hundred and fifty. However many people one could choose to nominate as “Bright Lights” in honor of Endicott’s annual Festival of Lights. 

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On Thursday, Nov. 20, Endicott College hosted a generation-hopping art exhibit in the Carol Grillo Gallery. Appropriately titled “Materials, Old and New: Encounters with Glass, Paper, and Digital Print,” the exhibit presented the works of three separate artists who each use vastly different …

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We asked students, faculty and staff why they wear R.E.D. (Remember Everyone Deployed Day). 

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is important to remember the history (or lack thereof) surrounding the American holiday. On Thursday, November 14th, Endicott College offered students an opportunity to talk with someone deeply in touch with his Native American roots and learn mor…

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Endicott College hosted a Dear World event on Tuesday, where students were given the platform to share meaningful stories and connect with their fellow peers.

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“Spirituality is not a matter of knowing scriptures and engaging in philosophical discussions. It is a matter of heart culture, of immeasurable strength.” - Mahatma Gandhi.

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Many business networking events take place on campus. The Endicott Internship and Career Center hosted an internship event on Thursday, November 7 in the LSB. Students were able to network with peers who have found internships all around the world. 

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On the heels of holidays such as Halloween and Day of the Dead, and prior to the upcoming Veteran’s Day, Endicott College celebrated those who have passed on in a much more reflective manner. The Interfaith Chapel at Endicott College held the campus’ Remembrance Service on Tuesday,  November…

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Day of the Dead, also known as Dia de Los Muertos, is a Mexican holiday celebrated across the world to celebrate the souls of deceased family members and honor their spiritual presence. The main purpose is to celebrate and reminisce the lives of those who passed, rather than mourn.

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Many Halloween themed events have taken place on campus over the last week. But, nothing gets students into the Halloween spirit like pumpkin decorating.  

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Statistics can be devastating especially when it comes to domestic violence. According to the Huffington Post, “1 and 4 [is the] number of women who will be victims of severe violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimes. And 1 to 7 [is the] number men who will be victims of severe viol…

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“He’s dead!’ cried Luna Ticc, head maid of the “Billionaire’s Club”, seconds after the club’s president, Sal Fie, collapsed to the floor. Startled gasps echoed across the room, as club members seated throughout the room began to point fingers and wonder who could have possibly poisoned Sal’s…

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“There’s been a vicious rumor going around that I want to make this a dry campus.” echoed the voice of Endicott’s newly-inaugurated 7th president, Dr. DiSalvo. “If there’s one way to dispel this rumor, we’ll drink to it.”

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Last Thursday, October 10th, Endicott College students and faculty celebrated Grateful Gull Day, a day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the many aspects of Endicott that donors have made possible over the years. 

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Did you know the original piñata was shaped like a star? Can you name ONE famous mariachi song? These facts may seem small and obscure, but they represent a larger and obvious problem that affects the Endicott community (and, frankly, America in general), which is a lack of understanding the…

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Question: How has the transition to Endicott College been for you?

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Dresses glimmering underneath the twinkling lights, bow ties being fixed once last time at the entrance, and people singing at the top of their lungs were among the sights at the Inaugural Ball Friday evening. 

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You’re in a bar. Troubles on your mind. Drink in hand. It’s your favorite mixture, and just about the only thing that could lift your spirits right now. That is until you see them. Sitting just across the room is the person of your dreams. The person who could whisk away all the stress life …

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All around the Frates Quad Tuesday night, Endicott students waited in anxious anticipation as two young girls counted down to the moment where chilling water would inevitably shower over the crowd. 

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Most of the readers on this site are students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members. I am writing this letter to all of you, and our visitors, because I know how much fair and unbiased reporting means to each and every one of you. I want to take a moment to introduce myself. So here…

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Sitting down to write this, I had a lot to think about and a lot of people to thank. So here goes nothing.

Consistency and the known are two things that keep us comfortable in life. To have someone or something you are used to and can fall back on, something that helps shape your identity.

The second floor of Hale Library devotes back-to-back hours and appointments offering support to students taking the initiative to drive success beyond classroom settings. Signs pointing in the direction to LIB202 pose as a relief for some students, knowing they’ll find support beyond the en…

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Her pimp stripped her from agency, self-worth, passions, and identity. She worked from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. three days in a row after being chosen by men and put on one of nine beds in the back of a massage parlor in Hartford, Conn.

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Brittany Greenwood, Senior Exercise Science Major: The Sox will make it to the Series, no questions asked.

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All six New England states have a gubernatorial election this year, taking place on November 6. Up for election are all 435 US House districts, 35 Senate seats, 36 Governorships and plenty of down ballot races.

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 Hayley Barnett, Senior Business Major, Student City Intern: “Interning at Student City so far has been awesome.  The company culture is so visible and the work environment is so relaxed. Summer break may have ended but Spring Break is in full swing here!”

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His senior year college, Evan Lipp was ready to graduate from Marietta College, a small college in southeastern Ohio, when his football coach approached him. Lipp was told that the Director of Admissions approached his coach requesting, “if he had any good candidates for the office, they sho…

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A stampede of students, light on their feet, parade silently through Endicott College’s campus Friday September 14, dressed in their best blue and green to remember former college president, Richard ‘Doc’ Wylie.

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Doctor “Doc” Richard E. Wylie is undoubtedly the most well known name on Endicott’s campus. Dr. Wylie could not have accomplished everything he had without the support of his faculty and staff, who worked relentlessly alongside him to better the Endicott community.