The Wax Academic Center which will be closed officially 

With the new Wax Academic Center looming over campus and causing excited chatter, it is easy to forget the current Academic Center as it prepares for loss.

The new Samuel C. Wax Academic Center sits positioned and ready for an official opening on May 6. Over three year’s work in progress, the new center is home to several majors within the schools of Business, Communication, Education, and Arts and Sciences. The once-remote Van Loan Graduate School is also expected to transition into the new center.

Many faculty have spent their entire Endicott careers in the offices in the original Academic Center, ate in the beloved cafe, and have become accustomed to the comfy beige exterior and classrooms which were once considered state of the art.

Despite the leaving behind of a familiar building, many students and faculty are excited and anxious for the move. Psychology major Abrianna Di Stefano ‘22 said, “I don’t feel as sentimental as others about [the old Academic Center building] because I haven’t even been here for a year, but I’m excited because it looks new and modern like the LSB.”

With moving just one building over comes multitudes of packing. Cardboard boxes line offices with bare walls, free books sit in hallways, and “We’re moving!” signs hang taped on doors. The 1969 building which once held so much is now bearing so little.

Digital Media Professor Eleanor Pye also expressed excitement about the move and her new office, despite the exhaustion of having to pack and move delicate equipment to the new School of Communication. “The [new] building’s awesome, it’s really big and exciting and brand new, and I think we’re going to enjoy the new space,” Pye said.

The ceremony for the new Wax Academic Center is to be held Thursday, May 4 at 4 pm. Following the ceremony will be a third-floor reception to welcome the Van Loan Graduate school to their new home.