Almost Maine Cast

The Spotlight Drama Club’s adaptation of ‘Almost, Maine’ took center-stage this past weekend at the Black Box Theatre, as the student-run production was the final product of a three-month process.

The show was a modern take on John Cariani’s original adaptation, as Endicott students delivered with plenty of laughs, love, and romance for the three audiences.

‘Almost, Maine’, like all productions, required lots of moving parts to create the lasting experience it turned out to be. From the Maine-esque set design to the inclusive roles, the production truly captured the nostalgic feel of Cariani’s original story.

23 students worked on the play, each contributing with their own skillsets. One constant, however, was that each member sacrificed their time and energy to create a memorable outcome.

The group rehearsed four nights a week, each consisting of approximately two hours. Despite students having individual responsibilities and roles, the lighthearted environment proved to be an effective one.

“The lighthearted environment really helped us. It enabled us to connect with our scene partners and created a sense of comfort,” said Theroux.

Theroux, along with fellow junior Nicole Lerner, played pivotal roles in the show’s success. Theroux shines on stage, no pun intended, while Lerner operates the lighting aspects of the show.

Theroux played a character named Randy, a county-boy from Maine. His role resembled much more than humor it provided, as the character identified as homosexual.

“In this day in age with people coming out and identifying who they are, it was good to showcase a character like that.” said Theroux.

Backstage, Lerner was tasked with lighting responsibilities. The veteran crew member made it a priority of hers to capture the true aesthetic of Maine.

“We mainly used simple lighting because it’s a small town with a small population,” said Lerner. “I also used effects on the lighting board to create the northern lights, as I think it helped with the emotion and sense of love.”

‘Almost, Maine’ was not only a pleasure for the audiences to view, but for the cast and crew to create.