Elaina Berry

Photos provided by Kacy Fallon

On Wednesday, February 12th, Endicott College’s Writing & Tutoring Center hosted its first “Big Voices” event in the Hale Library’s Little Theater. Scheduled to be held on the second Wednesday of each month, Big Voices offers a stage for anyone interested in sharing spoken/auditory art of any kind, including music. 

The event requires no prior sign-up for performers, instead focusing on a more “first-come, first-present” system. Anyone interested in sharing their work writes their name on a large whiteboard near the stage which is simply read from top to bottom, keeping the order of performance simplified. Performers are then given a maximum of 5 minutes to ensure that most if not all who sign up can fit into the 1-hour timeslot. 


Writing Center Director Kacy Fallon remarked on the inspiration behind Big Voices, saying,

“Everyone has a voice and story, and we want to encourage students to share theirs in the form that suits them best, from poems, short stories, jokes, or songs!"

Writing Center tutors Dan Calnan and Bekah Schade hosted the event, providing background on the Writing & Tutoring Center and introducing all who signed up to present their works. First night performers consisted of Endicott students, members of The Endicott Review, and Writing Center staff, including Schade and Calnan (who read from his personal chapbook, “To Move a Piano”). 

The entire event is also photographed and recorded, with each performer getting their own cut-out video to be posted on the Writing Center’s YouTube channel, “Writing Center Email”. To see some of the readings from February 12th’s event, follow this attached link: