Dear World

Endicott College hosted a Dear World event on Tuesday, where students were given the platform to share meaningful stories and connect with their fellow peers.

Dear World’s mission is storytelling through portraits. The organization began taking photos in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, where people would share their messages and thoughts. Years later, the company made its way to Endicott College with the same goals in mind.

Throughout the day, Endicott students would write unique messages on their bodies that held significant meaning to them. Some messages were subliminal while others were more clear, but each shared their own take on an individual’s story. 

There were only two rules. The first was that the message had to hold meaning, and the second was that it had to be written by another person who knew the story.

“It’s easy to judge someone and then you realize that every person has a story behind them,” said student Sabrina Moul. “Being able to see that written on their body was amazing because it shows how easy it is to just be compassionate and care for others.”

Endicott brought the company to campus because of its ability to bring people together. The event ran from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and was a success from start to finish.

“It’s open to anyone. Staff and faculty have done it and students have done it as well.” said co-chair Nick Grace.

This past weekend, Endicott held their annual LIGHThouse retreat. The retreat encourages students to become leaders and explore the depths of diversity and respect. 

The retreat may have been just three days, but the group follows a ‘Day 4’ mindset, which is about connecting and continuing to grow as individuals after the retreat. LIGHThouse partnered with Dear World for Tuesday’s event, where students continued to spread kindness and respect on campus.

“Vulnerability is a beautiful thing,” said LIGHThouse Facilitator Emma Rocca.”With Dear World, I was able to continue to share my story that hasn’t necessarily been told yet and tell it to the world while also helping others feel comfortable,” said LIGHThouse member Emma Rocca.

Dear World accomplished its mission once again by bringing inclusiveness and respect to campus. For more information about the organization, please visit