ECTV Keeps Calm and Carries On

ECTV, Endicott’s student run television channel has always created quality content, and the challenges provided by the Coronavirus pandemic has had little effect on that content. Ellie Pye, director and advisor, has committed to making ECTV feel and look the same as always.

Competitive sports games may have been cancelled, but anyone wishing to cheer on Endicott athletes should check out ECTV’s live coverage of scrimmages. “We’re treating [the scrimmages] exactly how we would if it were a game against another school,” said Pye. Due to the pandemic regulations, only outdoor scrimmages are being covered at this time.

ECTV is still filming in the studio, providing a weekly news program that informs students about upcoming events and programs on campus. The show is filmed on Saturday mornings with a small crew, making sure that social distancing guidelines can still be met. While on air, hosts do not wear masks, but they do remain socially distant from others to minimize the chances of transmission.

“Behind the scenes, it’s very different. I spend a lot of time cleaning gear. Everything gets cleaned all the time, everyone making sure to socially distance, wear masks,” said Pye. Before and after use, all equipment is thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes. Before touching equipment, users are required to sanitize their hands and wear gloves. “It is difficult, but everyone has been very accommodating.”

In order to further reduce transmission risk, the crew size has been cut down. All students who wish to participate are given the opportunity, but they may participate in fewer shoots per week. When asked about how the new rules were affecting team morale, Pye said. “It’s a little bit limiting, but we’re just really happy to be working and collaborating with other folks on campus to produce this programming.”