Ice Bucket Challenge

All around the Frates Quad Tuesday night, Endicott students waited in anxious anticipation as two young girls counted down to the moment where chilling water would inevitably shower over the crowd. 

The annual Ice Bucket Challenge, organized to raise awareness for the fight against Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as ALS, has become a popular gathering each fall.

The Ice Bucket Challenge become a national phenomenon five years ago, and Endicott continues to hold the challenge to help provide a beacon of hope for those that have had their lives affected by ALS. It is now held on the lawn of the Frates Quad, named after Beverly native Pete Frates, who has become the face of the Ice Bucket Challenge as he battles ALS.

The crowd heard a passionate speech from Nancy Frates, mother of Pete. In addition, the event was also followed by another motivating speech by Rob Ackerman, a black belt karate instructor who majors in elementary education. Ackerman displayed a symbolic feat of strength by karate chopping three different wooden boards spelling out “Break” on one “Through” on the other “ALS” on the final stack. 

It was an evening of progression. Those in attendance donated money throughout the night, and were in for a surprise appearance from Endicott College President, Dr. Steven DiSalvo. Not only had he attended the event, like many others, but he selflessly doubled all donations to the cause.