Hayley Barnett, Senior Business Major, Student City Intern: “Interning at Student City so far has been awesome.  The company culture is so visible and the work environment is so relaxed. Summer break may have ended but Spring Break is in full swing here!”


Sarah Leavitt, Senior Communication Major, Mass General Intern: “I really like my internship so far because I am involved with a number of different marketing and communication tasks and everyone is really knowledgeable.  The only thing is that the man next to me has yet to say anything other than ‘good morning.’”


Lexi Losano, Senior Communication Major, Saugus TV Intern: “As much as I hate doing work and not getting paid for it, my internship has been a great experience.  Working in television is something I have always wanted to do and if you’re reading this, you can find me on FOX in 5 years.”


Abby Petras, Senior Nursing Major, Student Nurse at Mount Auburn Hospital: “My nursing preceptorship is on the maternity and labor and delivery floor.  I assume the role of a nurse and am responsible for all of the same duties as my preceptor who oversees me. Something really cool was that on my first day, I saw a C-Section for twins and got to be a part of the entire process.”


Tom Besinger, Senior Business Management Major, Neutral Zone Intern: “I am doing my internship at Neutral Zone and I really enjoy it but it is definitely hard work.  My advice is not to rush into the real world.”