Last Thursday, October 10th, Endicott College students and faculty celebrated Grateful Gull Day, a day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the many aspects of Endicott that donors have made possible over the years. 

Endicott consistently receives support and donations from a variety of sources which range from large foundations, generous families/friends of the school, to even alumni and students. Grateful Gull Day provided an opportunity for current students and faculty to give back, and express their thanks to those who support and fund many of Endicott’s initiatives. 

Tables were set up in the main lobbies of some of Endicott’s most populated buildings, including the Post Center, Wax Academic Center, the Judge Science Center, and even the Callahan dining hall. These tables were run by a combination of students and faculty that encouraged any who passed by to take a moment and show their gratitude.

The tables themselves were covered with postcards and markers which students could use to write a quick “thank you” to donors, which could be simple and anonymous or specific and personal. Students were not pressured into doing so, meaning that all who took part did so out of their own inclination to show how thankful they were. That being said, muffins and cupcakes were offered to students who stopped by, which gave students rushing between classes another reason to feel especially grateful. 

When asked what she felt was most rewarding in being a part of this opportunity, Vanessa Stolar, Office of Institutional Advancement, who led the Wax table stated, “seeing happy students willingly participate and give their thanks to our donors.” 

Most tables were also run by students, such as Alyssa Badgio, Class of 2020, who ran the Judge Science Center table and expressed her pride in her peers, “I'm proud of the fact that students are helping to support with what’s on campus and are appreciating what the money goes towards.”

This pride was shared amongst other students, especially Alyssa Ashley and Sammy Leighton, who are also seniors and covered the table outside the Callahan dining hall. Alyssa shared that she thought, “especially on grateful gull day, it's nice to finally let students know that these donors are helping a lot to better their education.” Leighton expressed similar thoughts, noting that “students are starting to appreciate what these programs are funding.”

Although students enjoy the gifts and opportunities provided by Endicott donors everyday, October 10th was a successful effort in giving students and faculty a day to live up to the title of Grateful Gulls.