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It's Good to Be Here

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I covered my first story before I was eight. Though I use “story” loosely here because it was really me sitting at my dad’s computer on Microsoft Word writing a recap about a commercial building fire he and I went to the night before in Milford, Delaware sometime circa 2005. He did really cover it, though, for our local paper he wrote for. I found the copy of the story I wrote recently in a box of childhood memorabilia-- titled “Dad and I Went to A Fire Last Night”. 

Reporting has deep roots for me, and 16 years after my first written, dad-edited piece, I've earned an editor-in-chief title for Endicott’s paper.

I’m transitioning back to Endicott following a semester internship in Washington, D.C. where I dug deep into the truths our nation’s political sphere at The American Prospect. I lived and breathed air in an atmosphere so charged I sometimes couldn’t distinguish if what I was in the middle of was reality or some skewed version of a life I thought only existed on late night news with Lester Holt. My political drive came to life and my mind was always busy being a sponge to everything. Being in the middle of a largely polarized country’s capitol during a rather tense politically tumultuous moment only made the experience of greater impact. Everyone always had something to say, and as a working journalist and aspiring full-time political reporter, that was gold. The more people have to say the more I have to learn and the more I’d have to tell from there. I threw away everything our parents would tell us about not talking to strangers. 

I have until May to assume this position until it’s passed off to the next EIC. Until then and longafter, the Observer will continue to produce, tell, represent, and bring life to the Endicott Experience. People thrive when they’re able to do what they believe in-- when they put their energy into what fills their cup right back up-- and that’s how I feel about this position. 

I’m around often. I'm actively on Twitter because I fit into nearly all statistics I've read of where Gen Z-ers get their news. Catch me if you have inquiries about the paper, want to learn about the almighty Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) chapter we’ve started here, general Endicott questions about pathing your path to leadership and involvement on campus. Even Residence Life questions, too, because I know those somehow tend to be the most pressing to students. And please, let's talk policy and politics. The 2020 election needs us all to be informed and hands-on.

Cheers to a new year. Cheers to reporting and upholding such an essential part of our democracy. Keep using your First Amendment rights, Gulls. We can’t change the world without it.

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