“There’s been a vicious rumor going around that I want to make this a dry campus.” echoed the voice of Endicott’s newly-inaugurated 7th president, Dr. DiSalvo. “If there’s one way to dispel this rumor, we’ll drink to it.”

This short (yet strong) speech served as the highlight of Endicott’s Senior Champagne Toast, which was held in Lower Callahan on the night of Tuesday, October 15th. Exclusively for the class of 2020, the event served as a quick social gathering for Endicott’s seniors to celebrate the beginning of the end. What better way to kick off the final stretch towards the finish line than to share a drink with both your peers and the man behind it all? 

The setup was simple. This was not a party or formal ball, but rather just a quick, reinforcing acknowledgement of the progress that the class of 2020 has made thus far. Lower Callahan was slightly re-decorated to accommodate the large crowd, providing an open center space, additional tables, a photography area, desserts, and (of course) a champagne stand providing a glass to any student over 21. 

Of course you had to be a member of the class of 2020 as well as over 21 to even set foot into the space provided, and this policy was appropriately enforced by a staff consisting of some Endicott grad students. When asked about his post-Endicott experience, grad student Dave Harvey, class of 2019, shared, "I came out of my senior internship with a job, so when going into the grad program I felt strong about going forward, that Endicott really prepared me for life afterwards." 

Even with the high praise of post-undergraduate life from previous classes, some Endicott seniors are still coming to terms with the fact that this may be their last year as a part of the nest. This Senior Toast, although a celebration, inevitably reminded some students about their upcoming graduation.

On looking forward, Senior Rachel Pereira mentioned that she was, "Definitely sad to leave the nest, Endicott has given lots of opportunities and friends that I will take with me further in life.” Another member of the class of 2020, Ashley Palmer, shared that she is now starting to feel the "Anticipation of graduating, this event really brought attention to the fact that we are actually leaving, it’s just now starting to hit us.” 

Big changes are coming, and while that may be nerve-racking, exciting, or even scary for some, they can now look back on the fact that they have made it this far. The class of 2020 has, and continues to, make Endicott proud through their contributions toward their community and through their roles as leaders towards the younger classes. 

When asked what he himself was most proud of in the senior class, President DiSalvo, who spent the night interacting with various seniors at the event, stated, "I'm most proud of the students, they have a real passion for the institution, not only out-going, they do everything to serve other people. They’ve made my transition to Endicott extremely welcoming.” 

Best of luck to the class of 2020 in their final year, and may the world beyond Endicott prove to be just as welcoming.