Consistency and the known are two things that keep us comfortable in life. To have someone or something you are used to and can fall back on, something that helps shape your identity.

For me, this has been the Endicott Observer.

As a freshman, I was rather nervous and scared to become involved in any clubs or organizations that a close friend of mine was also not becoming involved in. The upperclassmen were scary to me and I did not want to feel unwanted.

Therefore, when I was placed in Intro to Journalism, I was able to share a story or two with the school newspaper and was published one time. It felt great.

One day sitting in our Journalism class, Professor Wemmer came up to Anthony and I and encouraged us to apply to the school newspaper for our sophomore year. Knowing I had to broaden my horizons, I applied and was accepted as the features editor starting in the fall.

From then on, I had the features editor job until I went abroad my junior year. I came back for senior year and took the sports editor position, one that I was very comfortable in.

The newspaper has given me many friends throughout the years and a close bond with a group that has given me the courage to go out in the real world and try something new and different like I did my freshman year.

The newspaper has been one of my identities as an Endicott student, usually as the second fact I state when talking about the activities I am involved in at school. The newspaper has been that comfort zone for me the last few years. I was able to put pen on paper (or type on a word doc thanks to our hard work to get the newspaper online!) and get lost in a story that was not related to anything academic.

I want to thank both my parents for always encouraging me to go above and beyond and would like to thank my fellow staff: Anthony, Reilly, and Tacy. They kept me on track, edited my articles late at night, and helped me when I had writers block. I also want to thank Joe Barrett for all of his writing in the sports section this year, you truly made my job the best.

I also want to thank our advisor over the last 3 years, Katie, thank you for all of your advice and edits to our articles. We all could not have survived without you. I also want to say a quick thank you to our alumni editor and chief, Conner Grant for helping me through sophomore and junior year as well as Pat who we worked with all of sophomore year. I also want to thank Shawn Medeiros for your help with the sports section this year as well.

I am going to miss my outlet, the place where I can be creative where the skies the limit. I can’t wait to type in the Observer in my web browser in a year from now and see what amazing things the next staff has done. All of the best and thank you to all that have helped me along the way.