Nursing Students Give Out Vaccines

Following what has now been over a year of lockdowns, quarantines, economic struggles and mental health disasters, COVID-19’s seemingly endless effect on the lives of everyone is finally on course to be resolved.

This is thanks to the introduction and rollout of new vaccines, which have slowly but surely been introduced to the public. Obviously, these vaccines are in very high demand as Americans are eager to return to normal life, but the necessary swiftness and effectiveness involved in supplying a vaccine to everyone is only possible through the nurses and medical professionals who administer them. Recently, Endicott College Nursing students have been given the opportunity to work at vaccination sites in Massachusetts, not only supporting the highly sought-after effort but also gaining some on-field professional experience as a result.

The student nurses’ support stretches beyond Beverly, with dozens of Endicott’s gulls working at Fenway Park’s “Stick it to COVID” vaccination site. Here, where students worked through Cataldo Ambulance Service, Inc., they were able to use the massive stadium as a spacey, comfortable area in which Phase 1 & 2 individuals could get their vaccines safely administered. Even outside of Fenway Park’s popular site, Nursing students are extending their support further through Mass General Brigham - which has its own vaccination sites throughout Massachusetts.

This isn’t the first time Endicott students have helped with the COVID relief effort. Late last year, the nearby Beverly Hospital reached out to Endicott, offering Clinical Associate positions for nursing students who wanted to help with the surge of hospitalized cases around Holidays. Answering the call, Nancy Meedzan, Ph.D., Dean of School of Nursing, helped to give the hospital 15 supportive nursing students.

As the war against COVID begins to turn in our favor, we can happily acknowledge that some of Endicott’s nursing students are among those providing relief around Massachusetts.