You’re in a bar. Troubles on your mind. Drink in hand. It’s your favorite mixture, and just about the only thing that could lift your spirits right now. That is until you see them. Sitting just across the room is the person of your dreams. The person who could whisk away all the stress life throws your way. The best part? They’re sitting alone. Just waiting for you to make the first move. 

This bar you’re in? Gully’s. That drink in your hand? Your personalized coffee poured and blended to include all of your favorite mixtures. Those troubles weighing you down? All of those academic issues you wish you had the answers too. And that savior waiting for you across the room? Why an Endicott College Tutoring and Writing Center tutor of course. 

Every Tuesday from 6-8 pm, the Tutoring and Writing Center is holding their new collaborative initiative with Gully’s, appropriately titled “Learn-A-Latte”. This recurring event is similar to how the Tutoring and Writing Center normally operates (that is, a focus on tutoring and academic support), however with much more of an emphasis on a casual and social learning environment. 

Without any need to schedule or RSVP, students are free to walk in and out of the space whenever they please. Tutors are scattered across the room sitting at their own separate tables, waiting for students of any year to come in need of assistance with any subject.

Since its creation, Tutoring and Writing Center staff has nearly doubled in size. As a result, the on-campus resource is more academically diverse than it has ever been. It is now home to tutors who have knowledge of everything from writing to digital film, hospitality, and more. The tutors themselves also come from a wide array of professional backgrounds consisting of (but not limited to) PHDs, Masters, publishing and editing histories, and so on.

However, no matter what subject a student may seek support with, they are encouraged to utilize this social environment to talk out the ideas they are working on. Kacy Fallon, Interim Director of the Writing Center at Endicott College, admits that she is envious of this new opportunity provided to students. She stated that she “started as a professional writing tutor, and I’ve noticed that even with myself it's easier to talk out what you're writing before you have a draft, and I wish I had a situation like this to talk through ideas first"

This simple and welcoming structure is designed to make the tutoring process less stressful for any student who may already be struggling with coursework. Grad student Vendela Jonsson supports this new approach, stating, “I like the fact that this is more relaxed than intimidating, there’s no pressure to have an appointment and people are eager to help whoever walks in.”

As “Learn-A-Latte” is also designed to attract new visitors who otherwise may not have reached out to the Tutoring and Writing Center, the staff are enthusiastic to meet the students who come to seek assistance. Professional Writing Tutor Margot Steiner expressed her excitement over the program, seeing it as an “Opportunity to meet students and understand where they are in their classes, thus helping to bring them to the next level.”

The “Learn-A-Latte” program holds great potential to be a relaxing and helpful resource for Endicott Gulls to flock to, whether they need a social space, academic help, or just some freshly-served coffee.