Scary Stories Poster

Poster Image provided by The Endicott Review 

“Bones, blood, wolf pack love!”


These were just some of the words that rang from the crowd last Tuesday at The Endicott Review’s Scary Story Night. Members of the club and other passerbyers gathered in the Lodge for students to share their own personal spooky stories or dramatic retellings of famous writers work, ranging from Poe to Lovecraft.


The crowd was big, with students filling the plush sofas or squeezing in on the floor. The fire set the mood and candy was shared to emphasize the real halloween experience. This event is an annual tradition for the Review, a student-run publication, where students also have the opportunity to share their own pieces to produce in the official Review book, which launches in the spring.


Professor Dan Sklar attended the event, dressed in his Wolf-Man costume, drawing in a crowd of excited students. He chants about “wolf pack love!”, a fan favorite performance that helps to bring attention to the event.


Other students shared their own writings, whether poems or short stories, with some even sharing the tales of hauntings in Endicott’s own dorms. The group was full of passionate writers or intrigued listeners, hoping to get in the mood for Halloween or get to know more about The Review.


For many people, this was their first time going to the Scary Story Night. One sophomore, Carling Berglund said, “It was a fun and new experience for me, especially seeing Professor Sklar perform. The people were welcoming and the stories were as spooky as promised”. 


If you missed out on this night of ghoulish wonders, keep your eyes peeled for next year's readings for more spooky stories. Or if you’re one to scare people, get those pens moving on a spectacular thrill of your own to perform and publish!