Many business networking events take place on campus. The Endicott Internship and Career Center hosted an internship event on Thursday, November 7 in the LSB. Students were able to network with peers who have found internships all around the world. 

“If you think it’s not going to be perfect, people are going to be there to help you out,” Lisa Carrozza, Endicott Internship Employer Outreach Liaison for Southern Connecticut and New York. She lead a discussion with a student panel on how they should search, secure, and succeed at an internship.

The industry exploration night discussed the highlights of going on a distance internship. There were three student panelists who had completed their internships within several places such as: Cork Ireland, Cape Cod, New York City, and North Carolina. They talked about the highs and lows of their valuable internship and how it made a significant impact on their career path for the future.

Nick Fichtner,‘20, explained that his experience working with Endicott’s Baseball team gave him an upper hand in getting into his internship. 

“I had a data analytics background with the baseball team here at Endicott, they were looking for someone heavy in that background and it lead up to having a FaceTime conversation,” said Fichtner. “It is important to find something you have knowledge of and are passionate about, because if not, it will be a terrible experience.”

Completing an internship overseas is a challenging but, the outcome is amazing. Hayley McDine, ‘20, completed her internship at the same time she was abroad for a semester. 

“I worked with Warren, the Dean of International Studies, for most of the process. We focused on finding something to accommodate both of my majors around different places in Ireland,” McDine explained. “It is important to ask questions and have conversations with mentors, which gives the ability to learn about what others do.”

Nick Grace, ‘20, had the opportunity to get an internship with Duke University through persistent communication. Through sending multiple emails to get a response, he was then able to have a conversation back and forth. To stand out to the university Grace stated, 

“I wrote a blog listing reasons why I wanted to do an internship there, saying what I could bring to the table. It was something to set me apart from everyone else.”

Reaching out to businesses is important to start making personal relationships and build a network of resources down the road. Keeping in touch and having respect for each other’s work is the most important part of holding an internship.

The Internship and Career Center will have more events that all majors are welcomed to attend.