Showing Up for Racial Justice: Endicott's Latest Club

Photo credit to @endicott_surj on Instagram

While 2020 has been known notoriously for the global pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement has also been a highlight of this year. Enter Endicott's new club.

The mission of Showing Up for Racial Justice (also known as SURJ) is to make Endicott a safer, and more diverse place by standing up against racism around campus and within the classroom.

Club meetings, hosted biweekly on Thursdays via Zoom, are a safe place for students to “meet other like-minded individuals who want to make a change or share what’s on their mind.”

Shannon Stamps, co-president of SURJ, said that being involved in SURJ does not have to be a large time commitment. Someone could show up for a club meeting every once in a while, or simply attend a few events throughout the year, she added. Students will get whatever they choose to take away from the club.

SURJ hopes to create a space for students of color to feel more connected with their peers on campus, as well as to spread awareness about racial justice. Stamps said that in order to properly accomplish these goals, Endicott must move towards the “incorporation of anti-racism throughout all organizations on campus.” This means that SURJ hopes to move towards implementing racial-based education in the student curriculum.

SURJ also plans on advocating for persons of color on campus by getting the community involved in events, meetings, networking, and much more.

For more information, check out the SURJ Instagram page @endicott.surj for frequent updates. If you are thinking about joining SURJ, please reach out to Co-President Shannon Stamps (, Co-President Hannah Daigle (, or Vice President Linda Adarkwah (