When I was in my sophomore year of high school, my mother and I began having the “college talk.” I took countless quizzes online about what I should major in until one day, exasperated, my mother asked me, “what is your passion, Sarah?” and the only answer I had was “writing.”


After I answered that one question, my life and journey started to make sense. I knew I wanted to do something in my life that benefited the common good and helped people, so what better way to do that than through my writing?


During the first week of college, I walked into the Observer’s first meeting of Fall 2018, anxious about whether or not I’d fit in. I immediately felt a connection to the three editors I met: Tacy Cresson, Anthony Rinaldi, and Lauren LaCava. I started out timidly as a features writer for the paper and was assigned to cover my first story about Endicott’s walk for ALS. I remember running across campus with my notebook and interviewing people I had never met, feeling more thrilled than nervous. I knew I had found my place. 


I’m taking on this role of editor-in-chief with the same enthusiasm as I had during my freshman year. As one of the youngest editors-in-chief as a college junior, this has been my dream since the first day I joined the paper, and I can’t wait to implement my new ideas. 


While you’re here, I ask you kindly to check out our social media and website. You can find us on Twitter as @EC_Observer, Instagram as @endicottobserver, and Facebook under the same username. During this time, a goal of mine is to accommodate student and staff submissions to show people that anyone can be excited about news; feel free to email me at swola431@mail.endicott.edu  or find me around campus, socially-distanced of course.


Writing aside, I encourage everyone on this campus to approach someone they don’t know and start a conversation. You can learn a lot about someone just by asking an open-ended question like a journalist would. And now, in the age of Zoom and hybrid classes, it’s necessary to connect with people in a safe way. 


Don’t forget to make time to read your campus publication. We’re here for you in these trying times now more than ever. 


Warmest regards,

Sarah Wolak, Class of 2022