Brad Pitt Accepts Oscar for Best Supporting Actor

So, Parasite won best picture. 

Following a lengthy and much over-extended Academy Award show this past Sunday, February 9th, South Korean Director Bong Joon-ho (Parasite) was able to take home his first Oscar for Best Picture (along with two other wins for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay). Not only was Parasite the first foreign language film to win Best Picture, but Joon-ho was able to come out on top against multiple veteran directors. With competition including Martin Scorsese (The Irishman) and Quentin Tarantino (Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood) Joon-ho was also able to beat out both films in the Best Director category. However, he did not accept the award without paying tribute to his competition, specifically labeling Martin Scorsese as an inspiration of his whom he studied when he was still a student of film. 

When asked what he thought of the film Parasite and how he felt about Joon-ho’s accomplishments, Sophomore film major Dominik Chadwick stated, “I thought it was a very well done film. Structurally, it's a masterpiece. While I was rooting for my man Mr. Tarantino in every category, I think we need to pay credit to where credit is due, and that is in Bong Joon-ho's Parasite.

Though Joon-ho made history with his wins, it was far from the only surprising moment of the night. Outside of the awards themselves, surprises also came in the form of musical guests. Following a lengthy montage of some of the most iconic songs in film history, an unnaturally long clip of the 2002 film 8 Mile introduced an unexpected performance from Eminem. The rapper performed “Lose Yourself”, a song which earned itself an Oscar for Best Original Song (8 Mile) during the 75th Academy Awards. 

Outside of the occasional surprise, some predictable (yet welcomed) events also made up the ceremony. Those who have been following other recent award shows may have recognized some familiar faces gracing the stage, as actors including Brad Pitt (Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood) and Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) accepted even more awards for their performances of last year. Both Pitt and Phoenix had previously taken home SAG awards representing these same films for the same categories (Pitt for Best Supporting Actor, Phoenix for Best Actor), however last night marked the first time in their careers that either man had been awarded an Oscar for their acting ability. 

Other “firsts” were celebrated that evening, as Greta Gurwig’s Little Women won an Oscar for Best Costume Design. Though only the second time one of Gurwig’s films has been present at the ceremony (following 2017’s Lady Bird), she has a total of 11 nominations associated with her projects. One of these nominations included Best Picture, where she joined Joon-ho as a worthy competitor to much more established names in film, paving a way for more future up-and-coming and diverse filmmakers. 

Whether you were left satisfied, disappointed, surprised, or even exhausted after the ceremonies’ additional 30 minute stretch past it’s scheduled timeslot, there is no denying that the 92nd Academy Awards was just as interesting as the previous year of film it was celebrating.