Endicott Review Spotlight

Endicott Review Logo provided by Emma Cundari. 

Providing Endicott with yearly quality writing and photography, the Endicott Review is a literary magazine run by students as a place for people to express themselves creatively. Comprising of photography, art, poetry, short stories, and even essays or scripts, The Review gathers these submissions from students, faculty, and any interested in sharing their work. From there, the members select, group, and organize the submissions throughout late fall and early spring before publication.


Co-Editor-in-Chief, Emma Cuandari, states spring-time “is a higher commitment as we prepare to publish,” but that otherwise, The Review is a mid-to-low commitment club throughout the fall. They meet at 7 pm, bi-weekly, on Tuesdays during the fall semester and weekly at the same during the spring.


In addition to these meetings, The Review hopes to do more “coffeehouse type events,” says Emma, where students would get the chance to present and perform their art while surrounded by snacks and encouragement. October 26th was one such event, when The Review hosted a scary story event at The Lodge fire pit, complete with snacks and s’mores as people share their favorite scary stories in the light of the Halloween spirit. They plan to hold similar events, such as a winter-focused one, later in the year.


The Review fosters a “creative and collaborative” environment, well-loved by Emma and members alike as they work to create the literary magazine. They are always welcoming new members (anyone can join!) and looking forward to the upcoming year of artistry and imagination.