Dresses glimmering underneath the twinkling lights, bow ties being fixed once last time at the entrance, and people singing at the top of their lungs were among the sights at the Inaugural Ball Friday evening. 

Misselwood's dance floor was packed with students creating circles for all the dance battles that broke out through the night. 

In attendance were students, and few faculty and staff members as they welcomed Dr. Steven R. DiSalvo, Endicott’s seventh president.  Dr. DiSalvo and his wife, Eileen, introduced themselves to the students at the Ball.

“I’m most looking forward to a new, fresh light on this campus,” said Julie Champigny, ‘20. “We’ve been through so much with Doc Wylie, and now Dr. DiSalvo has such an amazing opportunity in continuing to make this campus unbelievable.”

If students were not on the dance floor they could enjoy hors d'oeuvres and gather their friends in the photo booth area. Many students chose to be outside the tent and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the gardens and the ocean.

Brandi Johnson, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, was in attendance. 

“I hope Dr. DiSalvo feels embraced by this community and he enjoys all of us and helps bring us to the next level of awesome Gull-ness. I hope he gets to accomplish everything that he is hoping for while he is here. We have had some great sit-downs and he has great visions for the students, living-learning communities and working with all of us. I’m looking forward to all of that and just working alongside of him.”