What are Endicott students watching?

Will Fazekas, a senior Communication major, watches The 100 and Avatar: The Last Airbender to pass his time

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, boredom and the need for escapism seem to be common themes across campus. From beloved sit-coms to intense thrillers, here’s what some Endicott College students are watching:

Emily Nestor- Senior, Business Management Major

Q: So what are you watching right now?

A: I am watching Grey’s Anatomy, Survivor, New Girl, Forensic Files, and then Horror at the Cecil Hotel.

Q: Oh, perfect. Amidst the coronavirus, a lot of people view film as an escapist type element just to get their mind off things, would you agree with that?

A: Yeah I would.

Q: Could you elaborate on that?

A: Yeah I mean, I, there’s not much to do so all I have to do is watch movies and TV shows and stuff. And so, if it kills some time when I have too much of it, yeah it definitely is.

Q: And I know New Girl is on a streaming service, but I’m not as familiar with the other ones. The rise of streaming services during the pandemic, how helpful have they been?

A: It’s all I use, so pretty helpful. Although my mom stopped paying for one so I used my friends account.

Q: Hey, whatever works. Which genre of film and TV shows do you say you usually gravitate towards?

A: Um, probably comedy and then I guess reality like Survivor.

Q: What draws you to reality?

A: Um, I’ve always wanted to be on Survivor and I think it’s just I’ve always wanted to do that.

Max Theroux- Senior, Communication Major

Q: So amidst this coronavirus pandemic, what are you watching right now?

A: Um, I would say the main thing that I’m watching weekly is WandaVision on Disney+.

Q: And is that a type of event for you? Is that something you get together with people and do?

A: So yeah, me and a couple of my suite-mates watch it on the big TV in the common room every Friday because we schedule it usually after our first class. Usually we try to get up and watch it.

Q: Oh, perfect. And I know you focus in filmmaking, it’s part of your major, so are there any great aesthetics in that show that stand out to you?

A: Uh, I would say this is one of the best TV produced shows in a long time. It really captures the essence of a 50s sitcom to a 60s sitcom, 70s, 80s, and then all the way to the 2000s where it is now. Everything’s just aesthetically pleasing, the focus is amazing, and it really opens the door for all streaming services.

Q: Speaking of streaming services, it’s breaking records left and right and also doing well with the fans, do you think that opens the door for shows of other genres to come alive in the next few years?

A: I think it does. Disney+ is doing a great job. It started with The Mandalorian, now with WandaVision, and I know they have other superhero shows but it really shows how much work they can put into a TV show now.

Q: And lastly, something people love about this show is how unique it is. It’s unlike any other MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) installment and we’re six weeks in and there really isn’t any action set piece yet. Do you think its uniqueness has driven its success?

A: So Wanda’s really a suspense thriller. You’re waiting every episode, you’re learning something new, the TV’s showing new things. It’s very confusing right now but you can’t wait for the next episode. These characters, Wanda Maximoff and Vision, they’re really sub-two characters, they’re not the biggest superheroes. They’re this small, niche little group and those two together work very well and it’s very fun to watch every single week.

Will Fazekas- Senior, Communication Major

Q: How are you doing?

A: I’m good, man, how are you?

Q: I’m good, thanks. So, what are you watching right now? Crazy times.

A: Yeah, let’s see. I’ve been watching a show called The 100 on Netflix as well as the Avatar: The Last Airbender show. I’d say those two things.

Q: Why do you like those?

A: I’d say the Avatar show brings me back to childhood because I haven’t seen it in forever. It’s nice to go back and watch it. And with The 100, it’s kind of life after death, sci-fi stuff. People are living in space and then they come down to earth. So it’s got some great story elements to it.

Q: Oh, awesome. When do you find the time to watch those, do they fit with your Endicott schedule?

A: Usually before bed when I have time to just hang out and relax. During the day I’m in class or at work so it’s hard to watch stuff during the day.

Q: They seem like pretty cool shows, that’s great. So with the comm major, did any of those classes draw you to the filmmaking aspects?

A: Yeah, just paying attention to the shots and the perspective in which they shoot the show is nice. I pay more attention to if they’re zooming in on something or why they’re shooting something a certain way. So little things like that are fun to watch now.