Endicott’s Fresh Check Day, sponsored by REACH Peer Education, serves as an annual reminder for students to self-evaluate their mental health during the semester’s full swing.

Hosted in Lower Callahan, Fresh Check Day consisted of dozens of clubs offering mental health and suicide prevention-based activities. Activities ranged from Her Campus’ DIY essential oil face sprays and the Division of Academic Success’ “100 reasons to stay” activity.

Other clubs used their agendas to participate as well. The Alliance’s interactive booth asked students to write down what made them special on a paper slip, which was then made into a rainbow chain when looped with the other slips.

“For the Alliance, we absolutely want to create a safe space, especially for Fresh Check Day,” Alliance member Lauren Hogan ‘21 said. “We want to make sure everybody has someone to lean on [in the LGBTQ community.]”

LIGHThouse Leadership Society’s booth involved students writing down the “elephant in the room” on an elephant-shaped paper.

“An elephant in the room is anything students want to get off their chest,” LIGHThouse member Morgan Brousseau ‘22 said. “It’s anonymous.”

Rachid Sow ‘20, another LIGHThouse member, explained the significance of LIGHThouse’s presence at Fresh Check Day. “LIGHThouse is an organization that stresses leadership through self-reflection,” Sow said. “Like Fresh Check Day, we reflect upon ourselves and our role in the world.”

Like LIGHThouse and The Alliance, other clubs urged students to express their emotions and uniqueness in a healthy way. Psychology Club had students make mood masks to shed light on mood disorders and Residence Hall Association had DIY stress balls for students to cope with stress throughout the semester.

The collective message of the day was to end the stigma around mental health. Throughout the two hour event, students were encouraged to lead discussions around emotions and strategies to upkeep their mental health throughout the year. 

“Your day shouldn’t strictly just be about stressing over school,” Her Campus Vice President Julia Keegan ‘22 said. “ Having Fresh Check Day during Midterms season is a good reminder [for that.]”