Endicott College has closed campus today due to the on going power outage since 3:42 a.m.

Students have been receiving “EC Alerts” by public safety since early this morning. The first alert was to notify that power was out on campus and throughout Beverly. Crews had been working on fixing the problem. Students are not allowed to use candles. Cell phone service many be impacted. 

At 4:04 a.m. a second alert was sent to students for an update on phone lines. "The power outage may be affecting phone lines on campus. Contact Public Safety and Police with back-up line (978-922-1412-).” 

 Lastly, administration and public safety deemed it best for campus to be closed as of 6:19 a.m. due to the power outage. Students are to monitor their emails for updates. 

Students have woken up to find trees and branches down across campus. Unfortunately, some cars were damaged during this storm.