MacDonald Gymnasium

Accustomed to competing as a multi-sport athlete, Cody Chalifoux has found his niche on the other side of the sports world as the head broadcaster at Endicott College.

Chalifoux began his commentating quest as a freshman at Endicott, but his passion for sports and competition was existent at a young age.

The Martha’s Vineyard native participated in basketball, football, and baseball throughout his childhood, meeting friends and lifelong acquaintances in the process. 

The desire to compete runs in his family, as his grandfather was once signed by the St. Louis Cardinals in the MLB and his father was a collegiate baseball player.

“I use sports as an outlet to get away from everything, it’s my happy place,” said Chalifoux. “I feel most comfortable when I’m playing or talking about sports.”

After high school, Chalifoux knew he wanted sports to be a constant in his life. Little did he know, a career fair in the Hospitality Suite at Endicott College would guide his soon-to-be career choice.

He spoke with Matt Pritchard, one of the school’s broadcasters at the time, and was able to get in contact with Endicott’s Sports Information Director, Shawn Mederios.

“I kind of just stumbled upon it. I walked out of the room and it seemed like everything just worked out like it was supposed to” said Chalifoux. 

Shortly after, his booth experience was underway. He commentated on his first collegiate game on January 9, 2018. 

“I took out that I had a lot of work to do but I absolutely loved every bit of it” said Chalifoux.

Chalifoux has had the headset on ever since, serving as both a play-by-play and color commentator while covering sports throughout each of the three seasons. 

As far as his skill set goes, Chalifoux claims his enunciation, big-play calls, overall pacing, and more have improved due to his experience.

“A lot of people think it’s just speaking into a microphone, but it’s about storytelling,” said Chalifoux. “You want to learn about the athletes and bring their individual stories into the game rather than just say what’s happening.”

Chalifoux couldn’t be happier with how his career has transpired and relishes the opportunity of bringing the Gulls’ performances to life each season.