Couchout_100 goal

Evan Couchot, the one-time freshman phenom who’s come to be the face of Endicott men’s soccer, continues his collegiate journey in year number four.

Couchot has ran up and down Hempstead Stadium for four seasons, racking up points and drawing notice. The Ohio native has found twine 46 times in his collegiate career, and made headlines once more on Friday evening as he eclipsed the 100-point mark.

A characteristic of the forward’s game that seemingly can’t be taken lightly is his ability to improve. He’s revamped his game in each of his college seasons, helping his team as much as it’s helped himself.

As a freshman, he found the back of the net 11 times. Two short seasons later, the number increased to 15, and he’s already collected nine goals in a mere eight games this season.

The numbers may stand out on the Gulls’ statistics page, but the magic transpires from Couchot’s dedication off the field. Game day or off day, season or offseason, the veteran is constantly seeking to improve his game.

“Mostly just a lot of running, just working as hard as I can because I know everybody else on the team is working hard… We’re all just constantly competing as a family just to be our best.” said Couchot.

The righty’s work ethic has translated to the field once again, as he’s been a major contributor for the Gulls (4-3-1). Despite a rocky start, the team seems to have grasped some positive energy, in which Couchot attributes to new players and improving lowerclassmen.

Due to a mix of high-spirited younglings and experienced leaders, the Gulls are content with their current situation. The team’s go-to acronym, FAMILY (Forget about me, I love you), seems to be the driving force in regards to the team’s connectivity.

In his four seasons, he’s dealt with a plethora of defensive strategies against him. That being said, Couchot has learned to monitor both team and individual tendencies.

“It’s really just game by game, how their defenders are stepping hard or not stepping. I usually try to read which one they do and kind of react to that. I just try to take advantage any way I can.” said Couchot. 

The senior has gone up against immense talent, and has had the honor of facing great competition as a result. He’s also had the opportunity to play alongside great players himself, one of them being his very own brother.

Conner Couchot, former Gull midfielder, shared the field with Evan for two seasons. The duo gelled well as teammates, in which Evan attributes to their backyard years as children. However, an identical college uniform doesn’t mean the two never shared any competitive, yet still loving memories.

“Oh yeah. Definitely times when one of us would get angry at each other and just rip shots at each other.” said Couchot.

Off the field, Couchot aims to further his studies in biology. If his diligence and preparation is anything close to how it is on the soccer field, he’s sure to have a successful career in the next stage of his life.

Couchot’s desire to be the best version of himself is unmatched, and he’s sure to continue with that mindset as his final season progresses. The senior may have just 17 regular season games remaining, but the impact he’s had on everyone involved in his illustrious journey will never be forgotten.

Credit: ECGulls