SparkU Bootcamp

Left to right - Deirdre Sartorelli, Edward Brzychcy, Katie Kilty

Start up businesses have been the fastest growing industry and its’ all due to entrepreneurs, leaders who aren't afraid to take the risk. Entrepreneurship has become a large part of the business world due to its new approach to working within the 21st century environment. Endicott’s Angle Center for Entrepreneurship had hosted an instructional business workshop event on Thursday, Nov. 15 in the WAX Center. 

Director for the Colin and Erika Angle Center for Entrepreneurship and Assistant Dean in the Gerrish School of Business, Deirdre Sartorelli, led the 90-minute workshop. Alongside Sartorelli, many of the attendees had a strong entrepreneurial background of first-hand experience within the business world. 

“Endicott College has a very active and vibrant entrepreneurial community.  The topic of design thinking and how it can be integrated into the launch of a new business has been the subject of much interest, not only here on campus, but also among our community partners,” explained Sartorelli  “At the end of the day, entrepreneurs can't lose sight of the fact that getting input from customers is not something done just once. Getting that continuous feedback is hard, but rewarding work, for any entrepreneur.”

Edward Brzychcy, Army veteran and entrepreneur-in-residence at Endicott, leads development, coaching, training, and consulting services in the Boston area.

As Brzychcy went through a handful of organization visuals he explained, “Designing your life goes hand in hand with designing your business: being curious, trying new things, re-framing problems, understanding the process, and asking for help.”

The Design Thinking for the Entrepreneur workshop was a collaborative discussion of the design cycle which is made up of: emphasized thinking, defining problems, idea consumption, implementing prototyping, and testing results. A deeper understanding was made for thinking of the principles that are required for starting a business from the ground up.

“Take the time to understand what is trying to be solved by working with the customer instead of for the customer,” said Katie Kilty, Sports Management professor at Endicott. 

Kilty works with individuals and teams to assist solving problems for a cohesive, collaborative, and cooperative organizational environment. It includes getting clarity on any form of business idea by the mindset of being curious through adapting a beginner’s mindset.

Mark Stackrow, Endicott ‘18, is currently in the process of receiving his MBA this year at the Van Loan school and had attended the workshop. Stackrow wanted to further his business idea and receive input from successful innovators and entrepreneurs.

“Ones creativity or design to develop could be the littlest thing but can go in the right direction. Taking that entrepreneurship characteristics and doing something about it that makes a difference. It separates you from other people by doing something, explained Stackrow. 

Endicott’s Entrepreneurship program will be hosting its yearly Spark Tank in April where students from all majors are welcome to pitch a business idea or just to support.