Zach Regulbuto

Freshman Zach Regulbuto, the starting goaltender for the Endicott Gulls men’s soccer team (5-3-1), continues to enjoy his student-athlete experience as the season progresses.

After dropping their season opener, the Gulls have triumphed in five of their last eight contests. With both sides of the ball contributing in the team’s most recent efforts, Regulbuto (1.18 GAA, .784 SV%) and the team have established themselves as a formidable opponent in the CCC.

“We’ve been working on our shape… we’re just really positive, a really tight group.” Regulbuto said.

Despite the club’s success in the month of September, there’s seemingly always room for improvement. Regulbuto’s been more than impressed with the team’s skill level, and believes the next step for the group is improving their mental toughness.

“We need to make sure we’re mentally locked in throughout the whole entire game.” Regulbuto said.

As if a freshman’s academic responsibilities weren’t enough, Regulbuto’s been tasked with being his college’s starting goalkeeper. However, he’s embraced the theme of connectivity with his team, rather than looking at things from an individual perspective.

“I just think that we prepare so hard, we practice so much… we bring it all together out on the field.” Regulbuto said.

In his short time on Endicott’s campus, the Connecticut native has been introduced to many friends, teammates, and coaches. Whether their inputs have connected with Regulbuto on or off the field, he’s appreciative of everything he’s been able to learn.

“They’re excellent, from the start of the season until now. What the bench and what the coaches bring to the table, the energy level is phenomenal. They get us pumped up throughout the game.” Regulbuto said.

As Regulbuto begins his collegiate career, a teammate of his who’s had a legendary tenure in the Blue and Green is his senior teammate Evan Couchot. The right-footer recently broke headlines by eclipsing 100 points in his career, and has been a model of success for Regulbuto.

“He’s a great leader. He really shows us the effort we have to put in day in and day out. He just goes out there and does what he does every night.” Regulbuto said.

The Gulls aim to continue their recent success this Friday, October 4th at Curry College with a starting time of 6:30 p.m.