The second phase of the Wax Academic Building is scheduled to be completed by December 2020, according to College Hall.

Bryan Cain, Vice President of Communication and Marketing for the college, said that the construction could even be completed earlier than the December deadline.

“We are on par for an end of the year opening,” said Cain. “All is on budget and according to schedule.”

The second phase of the Wax consists of a 700-seat lecture hall on the first floor. The second floor will have three seminar rooms overlooking the lecture hall, each with movable walls in order to accommodate classes or larger events. A walkway will span between phase one of the Wax and an entrance across from the Post Center will be added.

Cain reassures that even though Gully’s was re-designed with new hours to accommodate a cafe, a new Courtyard Cafe will be opening in the new lecture hall. Gully’s cafe will still be open alongside the new Courtyard Cafe.

“We’re opening new dining and coffee options to relieve the longer lines,” Cain said, referring to the long waiting lines for Einsteins and Callahan. “Callahan was especially feeling pressure [at lunch] and we found students weren’t going to the Lodge.”

The former Courtyard Cafe in the old Wax Academic Center was temporarily relocated to the Lodge. However, most residence halls and academic buildings are distanced from the Lodge, and the Lodge became cramped during dining hours. 

“The new dining options will offer flexibility,” said Cain. “[We’ll have] two cafes, Einstein’s, the Lodge, Natural, and Callahan.”