Dr. Barnes

One of the most exciting projects on campus is one that we all see every day – the new academic building next to the Wax. I am constantly struck by how quickly construction is coming along, and there is something new to look forward to every week. Now that finishes are started to be applied, it gets even more exciting as the interior starts to take real shape.

As I’m sure some of you have heard, we are remarkably ahead of schedule and making plans for the move into the building.

Timing and Move Strategy

Right now Windover Construction is working quickly to complete phase I of the new academic building with the move scheduled for the first weekend in May 2019. Assuming everything stays on schedule and occupancy permits are granted, all classrooms and offices will be moved in that single weekend with classes being held in the new building on that Monday May 6th. I am thrilled our seniors will get to experience the inside before graduation! Also exciting is that this move will bring Van Loan classrooms and offices onto main campus, and we’ll see improved academic collaboration and community-building right away.

After the move, our priority will be abatement of the existing Wax building – the encapsulation and removal of harmful materials like asbestos. While those materials may be now safely within walls or within concrete, we have to prepare for the possibility for demolition to release them into the environment, so they must be taken care of prior to taking down the building. Our plan is, between abatement and demolition, that the Wax will be gone by the end of Summer 2019 and we’ll be started on construction of Phase II, the second building that will hold the auditorium, café, and other spaces. You will see the beginnings of our new outdoor quad area taking shape then, and I am very much looking forward to seeing those plans come together as well.

Building Interior

Inside the new Academic Center will be state-of-the-art instructional technology in all the classrooms and the clean finishes and two-story main staircase will make the interior stunning. You will also find that we have created nooks and study areas tucked all over the building, which will be furnished to give a place to rest, meet, or spend time between classes. From a collaborative space-planning perspective, we will have offices and classrooms separated by School so that students and faculty will all be together for classes and meetings, reducing time spent traveling all over campus and contributing to a close-knit community atmosphere for all.

Ginger Judge Science Center Addition and Van Loan Plans

Not to be forgotten is the new addition to the Ginger Judge Science Center, which is also slated to be completed in May 2019. With that will come the new Gully’s location and incredible new STEM and engineering space, bringing the building to its originally intended capacity.

Lastly is the Van Loan building, which I am happy to announce is planned to be converted into student apartments. We do not have timelines on that project yet, but it will be something to look forward to!

Thank you all for you cooperation during construction as we work to make Endicott better every day.

Dr. Barnes