Nest Fest

The baseball team’s formal dance fundraiser called “Nest Fest” which was supposed to be this Saturday was cancelled due to lack of sign ups.

The baseball team creates this fundraiser each year in order to raise money for their annual spring break training trip. On this trip, the team travels somewhere usually warm to compete against teams to get ready for their conference season, which usually starts up after the trip.

“This trip is like our version of the pros spring training,” junior catcher Shane Rhuda said. “We get to go play baseball in warmer weather against some of the best division III teams in the country and it really just prepares us for the season. It’s crucial that we play other teams in a warmer state because we’re stuck inside so much due to the weather,” he added.

According to Rhuda, the team believes that the main reason for the lack of sign ups is the rule changes applied by the school. Before it was called “Birdball” and there was less focus on alcohol at the dance.

However, at the dance before the rule changes there were multiple ambulance calls and other circumstances which caused the rules to change in order to keep the students who attended the dance safe.

“People were getting too drunk and were being obnoxious. Also, people were getting so drunk that medical staff needed to be called,” Rhuda said.

The baseball team was hoping to raise somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 in order to help cut the cost for their trip to California. Usually the team travels to Florida, but according to Rhunda, “Coach wanted to play against some West Coast teams and change things up a little.”

The team is still planning on going on their trip to California although they will have to eat the money this year because they have no other fundraisers planned.

Look out next year for a new baseball fundraiser as they try and raise money for a trip potentially to Mississippi.