Image provided by Megan Hemenway

During the summer of 2020, Endicott College received a grant from the Davis Foundation to support the News and Information Literacy Across the Curriculum initiative--- or NILAC for short. Since that time, several developments have begun on campus which have helped to bring news literacy to Endicott students and faculty. One of these is the News & Information Literacy Digital Resource Center.

“The Digital Resource Center was created as a way to preserve all the work that’s being done for the grant have an outward facing repository for all the information that’s being collected,” said Bridget Cunio. Cunio is a reference librarian at the Halle Library and a member of Endicott’s NILAC leadership team.

The Digital Resource Center is an online resource located on the library’s web page. It is part of the library’s LibGuides and to date is one of the most popular resources. Upon entering the Digital Resource Center website, you’ll first see a landing page which describes the center as “a work in progress aiming to provide materials and resources to help students, faculty, and interested community members evaluate and authenticate news and information...”

From there, the page is divided into categories which range from verifying information and bias to propaganda and promotional content. Each tab holds a diverse set of written and audio-visual content which further explains the chosen topic. This information has been carefully collected and displayed on the website by Cunio and other Endicott professors.

“[The Digital Resource center is] open to any students, faculty, staff, as well as the public in general...” Cunio stated, "Faculty can use the DRC as a teaching tool as the guide is easily embedded into Canvas. Students as well as the public in general may refer to the guide as a quality source for information. The DRC offers anyone the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the news and information being presented to them."

The Endicott NILAC leadership team does not plan on stopping here. They have various plans for the Digital Resource Center. Health literacy, financial literacy, and mathematical algorithms are a few areas that they are hoping to develop next. Additionally, new programs and partnerships may be on the horizon.

When asked about NILAC’s goals for the DRC, Cunio said “We definitely want students to become savvy consumers of information and consumers of news...

“We want them to be able to decipher where the sources are, what's behind that source. And to become better global citizens because of the news that they take...those evaluation skills that they're learning and to apply that to all areas of life.”

The News and Information Literacy Digital Resource Center is available to anyone for viewing through the Halle Library website at For more information on NILAC at Endicott College, contact