DiSalvo President

Preceding the end of the 2018-2019 academic year, Endicott’s newly introduced president, Dr. Steven R. DiSalvo, introduced himself Friday, April 12 in the Academic Center.

Currently the standing President at Saint Anselm’s in New Hampshire, DiSalvo was announced as Endicott’s 7th president March 27, beginning his tenure early July.

Board of Trustee and Presidential Search Committee affiliates, Interim President Dr. Kathleen Barnes, Dr. Cynthia Merkle, and Sandy Santin reflect on the crucial and extensive presidential selection process.

Dr. Merkle recognized the staff, faculty, and administration, respecting the support and patience through the near 10-month long process.

“To the students: It’s not easy to lose a leader,” Merkle acknowledged, keeping in mind the personal relationships had with late president Dr. Wylie.

Themes regarding the tight-knit connections among the Endicott community led into the introduction for President Dr. DiSalvo, as he stood and continued visions hoped to implement during his presidency.

DiSalvo announced his agenda, noting to prioritize high quality education, long-term financial stability, strong leadership, and “continuing to enhance the overall student experience.”

“I think [Dr. DiSalvo] sounded really invested in all aspects of the college and seemed excited to dive right in and get familiarized with students, faculty, and staff,” Sabrina Moul, ‘21, said.

DiSalvo was the first member of his family to attend college, paying $116 out of pocket to pay off his tuition expenses. This, he said, allowed him to learn the value of education.

Furthering his connections with students, DiSalvo prefaced his presence in the dining hall and around campus, saying he hopes to engage in “meaningful conversations” with the students.

“I could not truly appreciate the beauty of the place until I met the people that brought it to life,” Dr. DiSalvo noted, expressing gratitude for those involved in the success of the institution.

“I am encouraged of [Dr. DiSalvo's] commitment to student engagement and development, and am excited for the future of Endicott,” Assoc. Dean of Students, Stephen Sweet, said.

Anticipation ignites as DiSalvo begins to make connections and show drive for bettering Endicott. Bringing new perspectives, initiatives, and growth among the community, DiSalvo assumes his tenure position starting July 1, 2019.