Campus COVID-19 Updates

On Monday, Oct. 19, Dr. DiSalvo sent out an email to all students, faculty and staff detailing the recent coronavirus cases on campus.

The email reminded students of the campus compact, a contract each student signed at the beginning of the semester. Dr. DiSalvo reiterated that any of the violations will be met with zero tolerance, and students who are removed from campus are ineligible for a refund on housing or the ability to learn remotely.

Over the past few days, two positive cases have prompted 45 students to be placed into quarantine. The email indicated the quarantine-to-positive test ratio reveals violations of the student compact, which could lead to students being sent home for a remote semester.

At the ending of the announcement, Dr. DiSalvo reminded students of the compact’s tenets, including the new rule that students will only be allowed in their respective residence halls from now on. Standard rules are still expected, including wearing masks in all public areas and adhering to social distancing guidelines set by the college.

As a friendly reminder from the Endicott Observer, please be safe and courteous during these times. Gulls look out for each other; keep your campus community in mind.