Spring 2021 Covid Changes

As the Spring 2021 semester gets into gear, Endicott students may notice a couple of changes regarding COVID-19 protocols across campus and athletics.

On Dec. 13, Governor Baker announced that masks must be worn at all times in gyms. As Endicott closely follows state and local guidelines, this change has been implemented in the Post Center.

In the fall, students were allowed to take off their masks at cardio equipment, wearing them to and from the machine and at all other times (weight lifting, etc.). Now, masks are required on all cardio equipment and around the gym.

James T. Daley, COVID-19 Coordinator for Endicott College, said the college’s COVID-19 website has been updated for the new semester.

“We’re trying to make sure that students, faculty, staff, all the Endicott community members have the ability to access more information [and] get any questions answered quicker,” said Daley.

Another new change is the addition of a transportation plan for students being moved into quarantine (The Wylie Inn) and isolation (the Mods). This is mainly due to the colder weather, said Bryan Cain, Co-chair of the Coronavirus task force at Endicott College

The second floor of the Wylie Inn has now been added as an additional quarantine space for students, in addition to the third floor. Cain said the second floor has been mostly vacated of normal residential students.

“Given the higher positivity rate in the state of Massachusetts right now, we’ve created more quarantine space,” said Cain.

The greatest amount of changes comes from athletics, however. Daley said all student athletes must now wear masks during practice and competitions, in addition to a lockerroom capacity reduction.

Following state and local guidelines, only a certain number of athletes are allowed to meet at one time to practice in a facility, said Daley. He noted that buses traveling with student athletes will not be at full capacity as well.

Daley explained that he hopes to see changes to those rules on Feb. 8. The Governor’s 25 percent capacity rule will expire on that day, allowing multiple businesses to go up to 40 percent capacity.

“The fall semester was a little bit of a learning experience for everybody, so Endicott as always will continue to evolve and change as necessary,” said Daley.

Cain said the college will continue to adhere to local and state guidelines as the pandemic progresses throughout the semester.

“Our goal truly at the end of the day is the physical health and safety of our students as it relates to COVID-19,” said Cain.

For more information on Endicott’s COVID-19 protocols, please visit https://www.endicott.edu/news-events/covid-19-policy-and-procedures.