In order to bring awareness to suicide prevention and mental health discussion for college students, Endicott College held a ‘Fresh Check Week’ featuring multiple events.

The week started on Sept. 28, and finished on Oct. 2.

The college is supporting The Jordan Porco Foundation's signature program, Fresh Check Day, which aims to create a platform for college students to engage with mental health resources when needed.

Jordan Porco Foundation’s is a program that will be highlighted during the week, as one in ten college students contemplate suicide. The other nine students have the ability to learn about prevention and help people who need it.

“Endicott’s ‘I see, I speak, I pledge’ commitment and campaign is greatly aligned with this initiative,” says Lindsey Singleton, co-advisor for RC@EC.

Typically creating programs for one day in the past 4 years, the college decided to create a week’s worth of events due to coronavirus concerns. Many of the typical in-person events have been moved to online platforms.

The week kicked off with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Out of the Darkness Experience. Instead of coming together for the event, the foundation encouraged virtual walks around the North Shore on Sept. 26.

Around 40 students, faculty and staff participated in the online walk, raising over $4000 for the foundation.

Many of the week’s events were virtual, however, there were a few opportunities to participate in person. Students were required to wear masks and social distance, limiting the amount of participants.

Assistant Director of Student Activities Alyssa Laurenza held a 30 minute full body workout to promote how physical activity can relieve stress and decrease anxiety.

Another highlight of the week was the teamwork of the Service Club and the Office of Community service in creating over 400 bags for The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless and Haven from Hunger.

The packages included essential items for the homeless, such as toothpaste and deodorant. Students also included hand-made cards for community members in need.

Academic Success, Her Campus, and DREAM hosted a live event having students write down compliments as well as taking one in the process. This is necessary for increased self-esteem, as well as creating stronger social bonds.

The week was completed with a Metta Meditation by Rev. Gail Cantor, Director of Spiritual Life. This allowed students to relax and breathe after the long week of classes and internships.

For more information on how students can get involved in Mental Health and Suicide programming and prevention, please contact Lindsey Singleton, co-advisor for RC@EC.

If you or someone you know is having a difficult time with their mental health, please go to the Counseling Center website and fill out an intake to meet with one of Endicott’s counselors.