Getting creative with events: CAB’s New Normal

Since September, Endicott’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) has worked hard to provide COVID-19 friendly programming and activities to students.

The club has had to shift typical in-person events to online engagements, learning how to creatively adapt to social distancing restrictions due to the coronavirus.

The Campus Activities Board usually holds fun and exciting events for Endicott students, ranging from arts and crafts to food trucks. However, this year, many programs have been cancelled or altered entirely.

“CAB has had to rethink how our events are structured based on the limited amount of people allowed in one space,” says Crista Alfano, CAB President.

The club is giving options for students, from limited capacity indoor events to virtual programming.

Outdoor events, such as the September movie nights, have been a big hit for the club. Films such as ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Black Panther’ were shown during weekends on blowup movie screens placed on the softball field.

The atmosphere allows for students to socially distance themselves while still having fun. Even with a limited amount of tickets, the events were sold out each time, Alfano remarks.

Online events have also been popular, as students unwilling to attend in-person events can video chat in from wherever they are.

“Online events are a great way for students to participate without having to leave their rooms, which may end up in our favor,” says Alfano.

The club is additionally hosting hybrid events, where students can pick up the items necessary for the event and complete it from their dorms.

A recent popular hybrid event was Homecoming bingo, where students picked up their cards from CAB members after signing up and played the game through Zoom.

CAB members gathered to execute the event in Lower Callahan, all while calling out numbers and checking boards through the video platform.

“This method was very effective and allowed students to participate in the same intense bingo game that Endicott has seen in the past,” says Alfano.

The club will still be hosting activities throughout the fall semester, all while following social distancing guidelines. Upcoming events include CAB’s Fall Fest, and virtual speakers.

“CAB's goals for the fall semester is to continue to plan the events that we have in the past years while remaining safe,” says Alfano.