How Seniors Are Completing Internships After No Return After Thanksgiving Announcement

Standish Hall, where many seniors live, will be nearly vacant after Thanksgiving break. How are seniors completing internships without a dorm?

Since it was announced that the majority of Endicott students won’t be returning after Thanksgiving break, many seniors with in-person semester internships have panicked in trying to figure out how to complete their requirements.

Endicott President Steven DiSalvo noted in a written statement that only a select percentage of students will be allowed to return after the break. He explained that these students will return “in order to satisfy requirements for degree completion in select programs.”

“Students that we invited back to campus were identified based on their ability to complete their classes in-person vs. remotely,” said Bryan Cain, Vice President of Communications & Marketing at Endicott in a written statement.

“This includes some nursing students, some students on internships, some education students, etc.,” he added in the same statement.

DiSalvo said that students meeting this requirement will be notified by The Office of the Provost by Nov. 4, but many who have not yet been contacted are still struggling to find ways to finish their internships.

However, students returning will be re-tested upon entry on Nov. 30, and classes will resume on Dec. 2.

Jessica Ragusa, a senior Elementary Education major, is completing her internship at a Beverly elementary school. She will stay on campus to complete her requirements.

“I’m not looking forward to coming back after Thanksgiving break because all my roommates are going home and everyone I know are staying in other dorms,” said Ragusa.

“I don’t know how I will see my friends still on campus and get social interaction. It’s going to be very lonely,” she added.

Many students completing internships through Endicott College are trying to figure out plans to continue their work from home.

Nicholas Krockta, a senior digital film major, is currently interning with Endicott’s Communications department. His internship professor notified him about the potential to stay on campus. However, he has decided to work from home due to the pandemic.

“My supervisor and I are working together to figure out exactly what I can do to fulfill the rest of my requirements needed to complete my internship,” said Krockta. “I will need to collect footage to complete existing projects when I am home.”

On the other hand, many students are thrilled to go back home. Jocelyn Fournier, a senior

biology major with an English minor, is currently interning for Uniqure, a company focusing on

gene therapy. She is one of many senior students happy to have the opportunity to stay at home.

“I’m looking forward to going home after Thanksgiving break since it’s a shorter drive to my internship and I can’t wait to see my pup. However, I will miss my family unit throughout these hard times,” said Fournier.

Referring to the decision to not have students come back after the break, President DiSalvo noted in the written statement that “together, through prudent behavior and consideration of others, we will maintain the health of our community and enjoy time with our loved ones before returning to campus in the new year.”

Students who leave campus will be allowed to come back at the end of January 2021.