Campus COVID-19 Updates

On Tuesday, Oct. 7 around 12:30 p.m., Endicott’s Reimagine Endicott Task Force released an updated COVID-19 protocol for undergraduate and graduate students.

In the update, a new schedule for Thanksgiving break was announced. Instead of having Friday, Nov. 20 through Nov. 30 off, students will now begin their breaks on Nov. 25. Following the condensed break, students will be shuffled back onto campus on Nov. 29 for protocol testing. Classes will resume Wednesday, Dec. 2.

Per the order from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, students in certain barred states may require a self-obtained negative PCR-test result received less than 72-hours prior to a return to campus.

Another update from the Task Force included the cancellation of Spring Break week. To accommodate for lost break time, the college is extending Winter Break to Feb. 1, a week later than anticipated.

The end dates for both winter and spring semesters are the same.

Following the email, students elicited several mixed responses. “Personally, reading the email was a little frustrating,” said Sloan Friedhaber ‘21. “It’s frustrating because I understand where [the college] is coming from, but I wish our opinions as students were thought of, too.”

On the contrary, Nate Magoon ‘22 commented on the benefits of canceling spring break. “I think it makes sense to have spring break canceled, as sad as it is,” Magoon said. “Although, I think this decision could have been made at a later date… [I understand] it’s just to prevent the risk of [students] bringing something back.”