Safety Tips

Endicott College Personal Safety Tips 

Thursday, November 8, 2018, the Public Safety Department sent out an email that notified the campus that an unknown man has been reportedly entering residence halls through unsecured doors or windows.

Less than a week later on Tuesday, November 13, another email was sent out to the Endicott community that there has been another sighting of the unknown man, this time sighted outside of a residence hall through a window.

The Public Safety Department has an ongoing investigation involving local resources and agencies that are actively and continuously following up on all leads provided by the Endicott Community.

According to Public Safety Captain Kerry Ramsdell, while they cannot give any specific information at the moment, the Endicott community will be alerted of the updates as soon as possible.

Vice President of Marketing and Communication Bryan Cain said that most likely, these reports will be available by the end of the week with significant updates for the Endicott community.

“From our point of view, allowing the students to work together with us. Being the 2000 eyes and ears to really work with us and to report suspicious activity of this nature or any suspicious person at all” said Ramsdell.

While no assaults or thefts have been reported, Public Safety reminds residents to keep doors and windows locked and secured, as well as to keep valuables out of sight.

The trend in a lot of colleges, according to Ramsdell, is the sense of security where students are leaving doors and windows unlocked because they feel safe until something happens on campus. With all of the security measures that the college has put into place, making sure that doors and windows are locked and secure is a big step towards student safety.

A list of personal safety tips was included in the most recent email, dating November 13, reminding students to be aware of the Blue Light emergency phones, being aware of your surroundings, not to let others follow you into your residence hall or not to prop open the residence hall doors.

Traveling in groups and making sure that you are aware of your surroundings are two very important safety reminders as well, since the college environment can “foster a false sense of security” according to the Public Safety Personal Safety Tips letter.

Using the shuttle service is another safe measure, and students can track the shuttle at

The RAD self defense classes are available for the women at Endicott as well, and more information about that can be found on the website.

If you become aware of any suspicious activity or have any further questions, please call Public Safety immediately at (978)232-2222.