VPAC: Climate change and visual arts

PC: Endicott College School of Visual and Performing Arts

Rising sea levels and coastal erosion concerns, especially at an oceanside college, have inspired an art contest centered around the theme of climate change. 

Rebecca Kenneally heard about “Acqua Alta”-- which is a concert centering around art, music and science. The program includes pianist Jenny Q. Chai, NASA climate change scientist Dr. Ian Fenty, and an artwork display by media artist, Relja Penezic. 

The contest, piloted by Becca Kenneally and Danielle Currier from the Department of Performing Arts, was designed to bring attention to Acqua Alta and the three guests coming to speak at Endicott. The guests are expected to be on campus Wednesday, March 3 and Thursday, March 4. 

“These guests are at the top of their respective fields in music and science. Bringing them to campus will be a huge opportunity for all of us,” said Kenneally. 

Anyone of any major, both in high school and college, are encouraged to apply. The VPAC will display all the artwork in Rose Theater during the week of March 2 through March 6. All art is due Feb. 14 to Elizabeth Bollenberg in VPAC 109. 

“I feel a little helpless about the effects of climate change on our planet,” said Kenneally about why she decided to bring Acqua Alta to Endicott. “Maybe this concert will help people feel empowered to act [and maybe] seeing artwork will help us process some of the pain we feel around the issue.”

Kenneally said there will be cash prizes for 1st ($200), 2nd ($100), and 3rd ($100) places, and art-supply gift cards for winners of honorable mention award. 

Information about the guests’ events and submission questions can be directed to both Kenneally and Currier.