COVID-19 Update

Endicott College

College Hall issued out an email Thursday morning addressing updated information about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), noting Spring Break will extend until March 29, and remote learning will begin the following day, March 30. 

“The College is unaware of anyone in the Endicott community who has tested positive for COVID-19. We continue to follow guidelines recommended by the Massachusetts Governor’s office, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO),” DiSalvo said in the notice.

The alert came following similar moves by a wave of other schools nationwide trying to reduce large gatherings, communal living arrangements, travel and other events that could increase the exposure to COVID-19. 

Endicott has not reported any cases of students with COVID-19, however, institutional leadership is reminding students to be mindful and conscious of the global outbreak. The notice outlined travel restrictions, updates for students, faculty, and staff.  Current International students on campus are invited to stay and participate in an online curriculum. 

A tentative plan for online courses was released, announcing that the week of March 30 through April 3 would be all online for both undergraduate and Van Loan students. Fall 2020 class registration is also planned to be online, starting March 23. 

Endicott athletics is adhering to the Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) guidelines, club sports are suspended as of now. Varsity athletes for spring sports are allowed to stay on campus and compete over the extended break, with full meal compensation.

Students in nursing clinical, athletic training and student teachers were instructed to finish their placement in simulation labs, according to the email. Students on internship are encouraged to reach out to employers and their internship advisors about coronavirus policy. 

Effective March 15, the college is postponing all Endicott-sponsored events. However, Misselwood and the Wylie Inn and Conference Center will remain open up to client preferences.  

Earlier in the week, President DiSalvo announced that 21 students have returned to the United States from Florence, Italy, 10 from Spain, and one from Ireland. Each student has a personalized academic plan with credit for housing and classes due to the inconvenience. As of Thursday, all remaining Study Abroad students are returning home and continuing with their academic plans. 

DiSalvo kindly reminded Endicott students about xenophobia in his email and encouraged students on and off of campus to remain welcoming and supportive to international exchange students, as well as to still consider study abroad for upcoming semesters. 

As of now, Endicott has no plans for closing for the remaining of the Spring 2020 semester or quarantining due to the outbreak. For now, this has no impact on Senior Week festivities or commencement in May but is requested for the Endicott community to follow the updates on their website. Students are asked to practice healthy hygiene- such as good handwashing and covering coughs- and to be mindful of flu-like symptoms. 

This story may be subject to change as additional notifications from the College are announced.