Conner Grant

Good grief - how did I get here? A question I continue to ask myself with just over a week until graduation. 

With my final exams complete and the grades being processed, it's now time to say goodbye to the Endicott Observer. 

The craziest part about saying goodbye is reflecting about my time with the Observer. From walking in to the writers meeting to the first week of school my Freshman year, to second semester of that year starting as the Sports Editor. To then become the Editor-in-Chief my Junior year up until my final days at Endicott. This job has been my longest tenured job in my entire life. Not only that, but it is also the place where I've learned the most in my time at Endicott.

It's crazy, for three and a half years, I wrote, edited, and produced content for the Endicott Observer. It was difficult, extra work, and often times frustrating, but thank goodness I stuck with it. I learned so much from doing this and have had so much fun creating fun things for social media and the website. 

Through the four years, I was given so many cool opportunities and lucked out throughout my time working with the best people. 

Ayla Graney, Kayleigh Brown, and Connor O'Keefe served as my Editor-in-Chiefs before I was able to take over. Including editor Graham Mirmina, they all helped me develop my reporting and writing skills and are a big reason for the Observer's presence on campus. I cannot thank them enough for their time and effort helping me. 

Many of the ideas I was able to implement as Editor-in-Chief came from brainstorming with these former editors and other writers, especially this website that I am so proud of.

The goal of the newspaper was always to deliver fun and interesting content to the readers. Although it was tough with limited writers and support from crucial parties on campus, I feel like the Observer was still able to achieve its goals. Obviously there is still work to be done, but I know that the Observer is going in the right direction. 

From the design, to the branding, to the website especially, the Observer has grown so much in so little time. Luckily for all the readers not graduating, my staff now is in a great position to continue that growth and I am so excited to see what's next for them.

For my current staff: Anthony Rinaldi, Reilly Fitzgibbons, Tacy Cresson, Kristina Tabacco and Lauren LaCava, the Observer will be left in very good hands. Although they frustrated me at times, I still love each and everyone of these people. They're intelligent and hard working individuals who have dealt with me for two years, somehow. I will miss our very unorganized and hectic meetings.

Additionally, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank some very important people, who bailed me out of trouble late on Sunday nights when the print deadline crept closer with blank pages still needed to be filled. 

For my photographer friends, Parker Fish, Nick Grace and David Le were HUGE helps. They do not get enough credit for how talented all three of them are. They are awesome photographers and better people. 

For my writers, there have been so many over my time. Ryan Sifuentes, Eddy Kreimerman, and Eric Goudreau were great writers. I'm certainly missing a few others over my time, but they were certainly big parts of the paper this year. 

To my Adviser, Katie Lovett, thanks for coming in and teaching me so much about the field of journalism. Good luck keeping the children (the staff) in line next year!

My other *unofficial* adviser was the best god damn Sports Information Director this side of the Mississippi, Shawn Mediores. A lot of guidance and understanding of the professional world really has helped. 

The Observer taught me the ways of reporting. Being a Digital Journalism student, I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to the real world. In my final article, all I can say is participate with the Endicott Observer. If you do, you will work with incredible people, bolster your resume, and have a shit ton of fun. 

Finally, I shouldn't forget the readers. Thanks for reading, commenting and interacting. You made this fun possible.

Best of luck to all my fellow graduates next year and Go Gulls!

- Conner Grant

(The "Go Gulls" was cheesy, I know)