Endicott College is performing a white washed version of West Side Story and it is not okay. If you would not perform Hairspray and be comfortable casting white people to play African Americans you should offer Hispanics the same respect. White people should not take parts away from Hispanics and white people can never understand what it’s like to be a different race.The directors did not discuss this choice with the student body of the school or the cast before deciding the show. A diversity forum was held three weeks before the show and many protests were voiced. Based on the student body's response the show should not have gone up at all.

The teachers at the school do not care about the students but about advancing their own agendas. Five adults were cast in this show over the students when the show is supposed to be for their extracurricular activity. The directors husband and her husbands friend are in the show more than many dedicated students.

As educators how can these people look at their students after they choose a major and their dream show over the current student?