Hey Readers,

Hope everyone is having a great semester so far as we head into the busy time of the rst half of rst semester. I know things can be stressful for everyone so take a deep breath relax and remember only about a week and a half until Spring Break.

We at the Observer have been doing some exciting things. As most of you know this school year we added a new website where all of our articles and some online stories go. We had a real vision for this website, we wanted to be an outlet where students can get their news about the college, in addition to having a chance to digitally read the articles that were in the paper that week.

It is important to us as a newspaper that we help the college not only spread their news but break their news as well. Whether it be the com- mencement speaker or other happenings around campus. We are the student newspaper so we felt as if it was important that the news of the college was also coming from us the students.

Two weeks ago, after the rst issue was published, we had an extremely productive meeting with Dr. Wylie and some of his sta which includ- ed Vice President of Communications and marketing Bryan Caine.

This meeting was helpful to us as a sta so we could get on the same page as the administration as not only what they want from us, but also things which they could help us with in terms of growing our audience and our paper.

We as a paper work for you the students to deliver the news and happenings on campus, and this meeting was extremely helpful in growing that process, and we as a sta and a paper are excited for the things to come.

As always, we are looking for writers who would like to contribute to the paper, so if you would like to join now is the time because there are extremely exciting times ahead for the Endicott Observer, we are just going to get stronger from here.

Make sure you always check back to our website endicottobserver.com for more information and now some more breaking news.

Anthony Rinaldi - Sports Editor