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Hello Everyone,

It's Conner, the Editor-in-Chief of this newspaper.

In wake of the recently published letter from an anonymous cast member of the student play "The West Side Story", I'd like to address a few things about the decision to run it.

First of all, this note does not reflect the opinions of the entire Observer staff. 

Additionally, this was in no way an attempt to derail the play. At the Observer, we all know people in the play, and are fans of their hard work and dedication to it.

As for the members of the play (actors, directors, etc.), I sincerely apologize for the tone of this message and how some may have felt after reading it. In no way running this note sent to us was with any malicious intent towards anyone in the play.

So, when we received the letter, there was some thinking that went into publishing it. I'd like to share that with the readers in order to better understand my thought process.. 

On one hand, it was anonymous. Typically, as I've learned from classes (being a journalism major) anonymous sources are a no-go, despite the popularity of them in today's media. 

Conversely, it could be viewed in a different way. An angry cast member who felt like they had taken steps to express their displeasure in different ways. After getting that message out, and seemingly being ignored by everyone, that's when the letter was written and sent to us (Sunday Afternoon).

In journalism, I've always been told the goal is to give a voice to the voiceless. That's how I viewed this letter for this person. 

In an attempt to be more journalistic, I did try to get this person to be on the record about said comments. But given the situation this person is in, they chose not do so. 

For the role of the student newspaper, we are the voice of the students. If a student feels they need to get a message out by something, we are here for that.

The actual letter is indeed a little aggressive for my liking, even if this person feels as upset as they stated.  

Do I wish there was a name attached to it? Yes. Did I choose to publish this to intentionally upset members of the play? Certainly not.

We apologize to anyone who this angers or is frustrated by the decision to run it in our paper and website. I hope this gives an insight into what I was thinking when I decided to print it. 

We look forward to attending and covering the play this weekend.

Click here to join us at the play.

Thank You.