Athletes Maintain Team Unity during Coronavirus

The Commonwealth Coast Conference cancelled their run of fall sports earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the Endicott College football team remains active.

The team looked impressive in their final game last season, as the Blue and Green defeated Dean College by a score of 52-10 in last November’s New England Bowl.

That was the group’s last competitive game. Despite the CCC’s cancellation, the Gulls are still working together in an effort to improve.

The team is practicing about four days per week this semester, and lifting three days per week. Practices consist of lots of position drills with some light contact.

The Gulls’ strength coach, Jack Dustin, keeps the team in good shape with short 30 minute sessions.

On top of team play, individuals on the roster still attend Endicott’s Post Center multiple times each week. The fitness rooms feature free weights, cardio machines, and other equipment aimed to help students thrive this semester.

Despite not being able to take the field on Saturdays, the team makes sure they’re staying in touch off the field as well.

“Group chats are definitely a big part of keeping in contact with people on the team,” said offensive lineman Dario Laraia. “Eating at Callahan after practices and lifts is for sure a way the team stays close.”

Laraia said he’s happy students were able to return to campus for not only athletic purposes, but educational ones as well.

“I struggle with online classes, and it just feels good to be back on campus instead of being stuck at home,” Laraia said.

In regards to football, Laraia said it was disappointing they couldn’t partake in gameplay this season.

However, he believes students should remain cautious. Laraia said he’d love to keep practicing and hopefully play games, but everyone on campus will have to do their part.

The team has taken many precautions in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Each player must wear a mask to any and all football meetings, lifts, and practices-- unless they’re equipped with helmets.

“Before all lifts and practices, they take our temperature and check that we have updated the CoVerified app,” Laraia said. “They have also spaced out the lockers in the locker room to social distance us while we’re in there.”

There’s no update yet on what the semester holds in store for the Endicott football team. That being said, players, coaches, and everyone involved with the organization will continue to take necessary precautions against the coronavirus.