LAX Head Shave

Photo captured by Demetrius Kazannas 

Last week, members of the Endicott Men's Varsity Lacrosse team braved the shave and participated in the 2nd installment of the Hope Street Foundation’s fundraiser; “Lacrosse for Life”. Lacrosse teams across the country joined in the initiative, which took place on the weekend of April 1st-3rd, 2022 and aimed to raise money for cancer research and patient care. 


The Hope Street Foundation is a non-profit organization that strives to help in the battle against one of life’s most destructive diseases; affecting 1 in 3 people in their lifetime. Through annual fundraising events - including ‘Lacrosse for life’ -  the organization partners with institutions to raise much needed funds for the fight against cancer. 


This year, they partnered with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one the world's leading cancer research organizations. Originally founded in 1947 by Sidney Farber MD, the organization simultaneously provided pioneering treatment for children with cancer and developed preventatives. In 1969, the organization expanded its programs to include all ages affected by cancer, and in 1983 became the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Named after its beloved founder along with a long term supporter; the Charles A. Dana Foundation. The institute is equally committed to groundbreaking research and provision of patient care. As of this year, researchers from Dana-Farber have contributed to the development of 35 out of 75 drugs for the treatment of cancer recently approved by the FDA. The impact the organization has throughout New England is invaluable to those affected by cancer; both patients and their families. 


2 years ago, in the 1st installment of the ‘Lacrosse for life’ initiative, Endicott Gulls raised $38,000 for cancer research. The event collected $2,109,000 in total in 2020, which was given directly to Boston children's hospital. 


All donations this year will go to the Sarcoma Center at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and support the Sean Fox Fund. Set up in loving memory of Sean Fox, who was a member of Hobart Lacrosse, class of 1984. The Hope Street Foundation pledged to donate $1,000 for every Gull willing to shave their head for the cause. 


In total, 47 Gulls came together for the snip this year. After practice on Friday, April 1st, 3 chairs were set up outside the locker room. Music was blaring as the team took it in turns to shave each other's heads. Strength and conditioning coach, Coach Dustin, even showed up to give some of the boys a trim, as well as participate himself. Men’s lacrosse team member Rex Bruschi said it was “a great team bonding experience and now whenever you see a head shaved on campus you know what team they are a part of and I think that’s awesome.” 


In total, the team raised over $48,000. $47,000 from the Hope Street Foundation pledge and an extra $1,000 from Instagram story donations. Endicott College is delighted with the huge donation raised for this worthy cause and wants to say a massive thank you to all those involved. 


If you want to show your support for the initiative, there is still time to donate:;jsessionid=00000000.app20114b?team_id=11629&fr_id=1200&pg=team&NONCE_TOKEN=FA2F9F08D3B47AEA29A1F198F018D7B5