Keith Brown pulls up from three. 

Keith Brown cemented his name in the Endicott history books on November 25th as the Junior reached 1,000 career points for the blue and green.

The Gulls are 5-2 in the early season courtesy of a balanced offensive attack and lots of unselfish play. The sharpshooting guard has certainly been a main contributor to the club and aims to continue the strong start he has had thus far.

In the six games the team has suited up for, Brown has averaged 25.2 points per game alongside extremely effective shooting percentages. Not only has the scoring come to him with ease, but he has made his impact on the glass as well with over three rebounds per contest.

Great players are the ones who can be a threat from multiples areas on the court, that being said Brown’s offensive arsenal certainly gives opposing defenses trouble on a nightly basis. A focal point of Brown’s offense the last two seasons has been the three point shot and this season is no different. He has connected on 32 of his 59 three pointers and has only shot less than 50% in just two games this season from downtown. His ability to get to the basket and create space has also been existent, only highlighting his skillset to another level.

The accomplishment means a lot for Brown and the Junior added that he knew he exceeded 1,000 points by the look of his parent’s faces in the crowd. However, Brown was more concerned about the challenge at hand in helping his team win which just furthers his competitiveness and dedication on the court.

“I had a feeling that I had it… I wasn’t really focused on the 1,000 points. We were trying to come back from an 18 point deficit,” said Brown.

The achievement may be a singular statistic, but basketball is a team game. Brown is immensely appreciative of his teammates impact both on and off the court. He shared that the game is certainly easier when chemistry is apparent in the locker room and on the hardwood.

“I’ve been working out with some of these guys since I was a young kid and we’ve been able to grow together over the last couple years… I have trust in them that they’re going to make the shots that they take and they have enough trust in me that I’m going to make my shots as well,” said Brown.

Endicott’s talent on the basketball court has certainly come as advertised. The team has certainly made their presence felt in the CCC and have already put together a string of four consecutive wins on the season. Brown and the team will look to add to a strong start to the season as they host Bridgewater State Saturday, at 1 o’clock.