Freshman Forward Zach Mazur (11)

Freshman Forward Zach Mazur (11)

After last year’s 16-win season, the Endicott men’s ice hockey team has delivered with another stellar campaign in 2019-2020. What people didn’t know, however, was how much of the success would come from a freshman.

Playing hockey in Massachusetts was a dream-turned-reality for Zach Mazur, who grew up in New York. But after a few hockey tournaments in Mass., his eyes were opened to something new. 

The history, activities, and even the food were quite appetizing for Mazur, both literally and figuratively. The offerings, as well as some scouting from Coach Burgess and Coach Tolan, were enough for the forward to make his decision.

“I loved the campus right when I stepped foot on it,” said Mazur. “I'm very happy with my decision to come here, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.”

Since settling in Beverly, his decision becomes more justified by the day. From his computer science courses in the classroom to spikeball tournaments on the beach, the student-athlete experience has been nothing but joyous for him.

On the ice, he’s attracted the eyes of his teammates, coaches, and especially the Gull faithful. Back in November, Mazur found the back of the net in his first-ever collegiate contest. 12 goals and 17 assists later, he’s continued his dominance.

18 wins for the group looks great on February’s “standings” page, but the process began months ago. The tight-knit group is seemingly never satisfied- a culture that was created in the practice rank.

“Practices are hard and competitive, but that's what makes it fun,” said Mazur. “There is no individualism on our team, and we all trust one another.”

The Blue and Green have done nothing but impress. The focal point of the team’s success may be their unselfish play: a trait that’s become exemplified by the group’s 162 assists in a mere 23 games.

Offensive pressure is another staple for the Gulls, as the team makes it a priority to put pressure on any and all opposing goaltenders. The team’s strategy of firing 35.2 shots per game seems to be a solid one, as the number has translated to an impressive 4.17 goals per game.

Despite the recent success, Mazur and the rest of his Endicott teammates have aspirations that go further than the regular season. The group returns to action at home on February 21, with puck-drop beginning at 4:00 p.m.